Libra Moon: Talk, Debate, Share

The Moon is starting her monthly turn through the sign of the scales.

Over the next few nights, you will start to see the return […]

Astrology Workshop, Sydney, November 2014

I’m in the midst of planning my next trip to Australia, which is scheduled for mid November – mid December.

I have one day in […]

Happy Birthday Virgo!

From my 2014 horoscopes in Wellbeing Astrology….

If you are born August 26 – 31 soulful Neptune opposes your Sun in 2014.

Your personal journey this […]


Sep 2014

ISAR Conference Phoenix :: Stepping into the Circle – 25/09/2014 - 28/09/2014 at All Day

Oct 2014

SOTA Astrology Conference Niagara Falls NY – 23/10/2014 - 26/10/2014 at All Day

Nov 2014

IAA Conference :: Breaking Down the Borders – 14/11/2014 - 16/11/2014 at All Day



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